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This is something I’ve always wanted: my own blog about teaching. 🙂

I’ve been an English language teacher for over 12 years now, and I like to believe I’ve grown a lot professionally in this time. I went from teacher to pedagogical coordinator to teaching consultant to teacher trainer to… now blogger – or at least that’s now the idea; on top of that, I’ve always wanted to dedicate some time to writing, and I’ve been waiting for years to have some free time I could dedicate to that. Needless to say, it never happened! As a teacher (or perhaps in every area), we just get busier and busier, and if one’s to wait for things to slow down a bit, one’s going to need a lot of patience. 

Being a teacher trainer, I’d say the main objective of writing this blog is to see it become a resource for teachers of English of techniques, activities and all kinds of ideas to make lessons more effective, varied and fun. The areas within ELT covered here will be primarily those I’m more familiar – and thus comfortable – with: exams preparation, teacher training and general English. Nevertheless, everything within the scope of ELT is bound to make an appearance here in the months (years, decades?) to come, not only those thought up by me, but hopefully also those suggested by a good deal of readers and contributors the blog will hopefully amass as time goes by. I also plan on sharing reading tips, professional development opportunities (such as courses, workshops etc.), discuss course books and ELT books in general. Finally, as I become more proficient in the fine art of blogging, perhaps you will even find videos, podcasts and stuff like that available to download and listen to. Let’s see how that goes. 😉

As I am now doing my Trinity DipTESOL (which I highly recommend), I’ve been lucky enough to have the chance to bounce ideas off some very talented people, and learn a lot from them and by going through the weekly workload of the course. I plan on sharing a lot of that here (when time and copyright allow), and lots of what I’ll write about in the near future will to some extent reflect ideas I’ve been discussing/researching for the course. I apologize in advance if it looks too much like I’m doing homework on the blog – and hope this will inspire a few of my students to do theirs. 

To wrap up this first post, I’d like to ask any readers (basically friends, family and students at this point – LOL) to suggest topics you’d like to see discussed here. Feel free to leave a comment (actually, please do! It’s invigorating to see people actually care about what I’m doing) or email me your suggestions:

Thanks for the visit!


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