From 2022 on, I’ve been offering asynchronous (pre-recorded) courses as well as my regular live ones.

An asynchronous course is one that does not take place live. It is pre-recorded and you have access to it via a learning platform (in the case of my courses, Hotmart). Once you have purchased a course, you can study its contents — watch recorded lessons, do tasks etc. — at any time that suits you. You don’t have to be live online at any one time.

My asynchronous courses are divided into two areas: teaching and language. The teaching courses focus on different aspects of our jobs as teachers, such as teaching listening, classroom management, correcting errors etc. The language courses, on the other hand, help you develop your knowledge of English at an advanced level in many different areas such as vocabulary (collocations, phrasal verbs, and so on), grammar (conditionals, inversions, and the like), phonology (connected speech, phonemes, etc.). To know more about the available courses, click on the links below.