Higor Cavalcante is a Brazilian teacher and teacher educator based in São Paulo, Brazil. He holds, among others, the CPE (grade A), CELTA, DELTA modules 1 and 2, and he’s currently working on his DELTA module 3 on Language Development for Teachers (LDT). He’s considering an MA TESOL from 2022.

Higor is the author of Inglês para professor, published by Editora Disal in 2015, and he’s currently putting the final touches to Inglês para professor 2, to be published by Disal in 2022. Apart from the books, he has published extensively in specialized blogs and magazines about topics as diverse as language development for teachers, teaching skills and systems, classroom observation, using movies in the classroom, and much more.

Higor is a former president of BRAZ-TESOL (2019-2020), and he’s one of the founding members of BRAZ-TESOL’s Teacher Development Special Interest Group (TD SIG). He has presented in conferences all over the country and also abroad (e.g. IATEFL conferences in Glasgow and Manchester).

For the past four years – since January 2018 –, Higor has been working as a CELTA tutor, and he has worked in courses based in São Paulo, Istanbul, Prague, Barcelona, and Beijing – both face-to-face and online. He has worked on over 50 courses.

In his free time, Higor loves reading, traveling, playing videogame (mostly FIFA), swimming, and spending as much time as he can with his wife and daughter. He also loves studying languages, and he’s currently studying French. In 2021, he also started a degree in History.

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