The workshops* will be on Saturdays, live on Zoom, from 14.00 to 16.00 BRT, unless they’re 3-hour long, in which case they’re from 14.00 to 17.00 BRT. For info on fees and more, click here. To register, click here.

August 6: Back to basics, part 1: teaching reading, listening, writing, and speaking (3 hours)

August 13: Back to basics, part 2: teaching vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation (3 hours)

August 27: Teaching adults

September 10: Presenting grammar in different ways

September 17: Tricky bits about English: understanding and explaining some oddities about the English language

September 24: Presenting vocabulary in different ways

October 8: Practice tasks for grammar and vocabulary — a practical session (3 hours)

October 15: Presenting and practicing pronunciation in different ways (3 hours)

October 29: Improving your English on a daily basispractical tips for language development for teachers (3 hours)

November 12: What’s cooking in ELT? A look at some of the buzz words in ELT at the moment (3 hours)

November 26: Mental health in ELT**

December 3: Planning continuing Professional Development in 2023

*Some of the topics have been discussed in workshops before, but none of the new workshops is a repeat of previously done ones. They’re all 100% different.

**I’m obviously not a specialist in mental health, and I’ll talk about it from a personal perspective and invite colleagues to do the same. Abstract coming soon.