2023 has come and now is the time to plan how we’re going to keep on developing in the new year. In the words of Jim Scrivener (2014: 380), “one good way to keep learning about teaching is to never let your ideas ‘set in concrete’, to remain open to the possibility of being wrong — or to more interesting alternative ways of doing things, to always be questioning (and possibly changing) some of your ideas.” In this three-hour workshop, we’ll discuss some possibilities, and these are some of the questions we’ll consider:

  • How can we keep on sharpening our skills on our own and with the help of our peers?
  • If we decide to do courses, what’s out there to help us keep on developing in 2023? How to choose?
  • What else can we do to keep on improving?

If you’re interested in discussing possibilities for development in the new year, this is the workshop for you. Join us!

This workshop will take place on January 14, 2023, Saturday, from 1 to 4 p.m. (BRT). It will be live, via Zoom, but a recording will be available for 15 days in case you cannot attend it live.

To register, click/tap here.



Scrivener, J. 2014. Learning Teaching. London: McMillan.