Date and time:

This session will be held live on January 4, 2022, a Tuesday, from 19.00 to 21.00 (BRT). A recording of this workshop will be available for participants via our Google classroom for 30 days.

A brief description of the workshop:

In this workshop, we will discuss what it means to teach grammar inductively (as opposed to inductively),

  • What’s grammar? What do teaching grammar inductively and deductively mean exactly? Is one better than the other necessarily?
  • Do I always need to explain grammar to students? Does language clarification need to be teacher-centered?
  • How can I make my grammar lessons more student-centered? Can students work out how grammar rules work on their own? Should they?
  • What’s Guided Discovery? How to prepare a grammar lesson using Guided Discovery?

Investment and how to register:

  • This session: R$ 100,00 (for discount opportunities, click here)
  • To register for this and other workshops, click here)

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