Date and time:

This session will be held live on January 27, 2022, a Thursday, from 19.00 to 21.00 (BRT). A recording of this workshop will be available for participants via our Google classroom for 30 days.

A brief description of the workshop:

In this workshop, we will discuss some important areas of classroom management, such as:

  • Error correction: Should we correct learners on the spot, during activities? If so, when? How often? How beneficial is a delayed correction slot?
  • Dealing with latecomers and fast/slow finishers: What to do when students walk in/show up 15 (20!) minutes late for class? How can we help somebody who takes longer than the others to finish a task? How about those who finish quickly? How to keep them busy/engaged?
  • Planning time and keeping time: How to plan how long your lessons stages should last? How to track time during the lesson? How much leeway should there be?
  • Materials design and use: Important aspects of materials design (and how to share them if you’re teaching online). Using audio, the board, color-coding, and more.
  • Using your voice: Varying your pitch, finding the right tone, taking care of your voice.

NB: The context of this session is that of teaching adults (16+), mostly in language schools, via communicative methodologies, either face-to-face or online.

Investment and how to register:

  • This session: R$ 100,00 (for discount opportunities, click here)
  • To register for this and other workshops, click here)

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