The course:

In 2021, I offered three editions of both my Grammar for English Teachers (GET) and the Vocabulary for English Teachers (VET) courses. In 2022, they become one.

It can be hard to say where grammar ends and vocabulary begins. Prepositions, for example – grammar or vocabulary? How about verb patterns, i.e. whether a verb should be followed by ing, to, bare infinitive, etc.? Phrasal verbs – vocabulary, right? But we need to know if they’re separable, inseparable, transitive, intransitive, and so on, all of which are grammatical aspects. In this course, we’ll bring it all together and discuss the most important aspects of grammar and vocabulary at the same time.

Some areas the course will cover: how to study grammar and vocabulary; time, tense, and aspect; collocations; types of clauses; verb patterns; prepositions; punctuation; multi-word verbs, and much, much more. Some 10% of the content will be chosen by the course participants via a poll carried out when the course starts.

The new GVT is a 30-hour course, divided into 20 90-minute lessons.

Course schedule:

In the first semester of 2022, there will be one group of the new GVT course:

Wednesdays*, from 18.15. to 19.45 p.m.

Course schedule – first semester 2022:

  • February 2, 9, 16 (no class on February 24);
  • March 9, 23(no class on 2nd March – Carnaval);
  • April 6, 11; 27;
  • May 4, 25 (no class on 18th May – IATEFL);
  • June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29;
  • July 6.

*Sessions are recorded and the recordings are available to participants for 7 days (requires a Gmail account)

All worksheets, videos, or other materials used in the course will be made available for participants via the course’s Google classroom, free of charge. However, having one book from each of the sections below is recommended.:


  • Inglês para Professor, by Higor Cavalcante
  • Grammar for English Language Teachers, by Martin Parrott
  • Practical English Usage, by Michael Swan
  • About Language, by Scott Thornbury


  • Advanced Language Practice, by Michael Vince (also grammar)
  • 100 Phrasal Verbs to Learn for Life, by Luiz Otávio Barros
  • English Vocabulary in Use – Advanced, by Martin Hewings
  • The Study of Language, George Yule (also grammar)


R$ 2.400,00, payable by:

  • bank transfers in four payments of R$ 600,00 (when you register in March 2022);
  • bank transfer in one payment of 2.280,00 (5% discount).

*25% discount if you were a VET or GET student before; 50% discount if you’re doing CAE or CPE preparation in 2022.


Register for the course here.