(This workshop has been rescheduled from March 25. It will now be on Friday, April 29, from 20.00 to 22.00 [BRT])

Jim Scrivener writes, in his Learning Teaching, that pronunciation can be an overlooked area of language teaching, partly because teachers themselves may feel more uncertain about it than about grammar or lexis, worried that they don’t have enough technical knowledge to help students appropriately.

In this talk, we’ll approach pronunciation very practically. While it’s very helpful to have a more sound and technical knowledge of phonology to teach it effectively (I focus on that in this course), there’s a number of interesting and fun tasks we can use with our students that can help them notice and learn pronunciation in a way that’s a bit more ludic and less technical.

Some areas that will be addressed in this 2-hour workshop include:

  • working on understanding and producing tricky sounds;
  • noticing word stress;
  • improving comprehension of connected speech;
  • helping students become more autonomous learners of pronunciation.

And more.

In order to do all that, we’ll be using our own voice as well as games, music, and videos.

For more information or if you have any questions, please write to me at higor@higorcavalcanteelt.com. To register, click here. To read about the whole series, click here.