What is the Teaching Boost 2022?

In January 2022, I ran a very successful series of workshops for teachers — the January Boost! It was a series of 20 workshops for teachers in the areas of language development for teachers, teaching systems (grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation), teaching skills (listening, reading, writing, and speaking), and classroom management.

Now, from March to July 2022, the series will continue as Teaching Boost 2022 (very creative, I know!) The workshops in the new series will all be on Saturdays, from 2 to 4 or from 2 to 5 p.m. (BRT), and they’ll focus on a much wider range of topics.

NB: The context in which I (have) work(ed) is essentially teaching adults, both face-to-face and online. This is therefore the context that informs all of the courses in the new series.

Here’s the complete schedule. Register here.


  • 2-hour workshops: R$ 100,00 each
  • 3-hour workshops: R$ 150,00 each
  • All workshops: R$ 1.500,00

Register here.

Payment plans:

  • One or two workshops: 1 payment (bank transfer or credit card)
  • Three to five workshops: 2 payments (bank transfers or credit card)
  • Six to nine workshops: 3 payments (bank transfers or credit card)
  • Ten or more workshops: 4 payments (bank transfers or credit card)
  • All workshops: 5 payments (bank transfers or credit card)
  • All workshops in 1 payment: 5% off (bank transfer or credit card)

Discounts available (discounts are not cumulative):

  • 25% for participants in ALL of the January Boost workshops;
  • 15% for participants in the January Boost workshops;
  • 10% for my current students (CAE, CPE, PET, CET, GVT in 2022).


  • For those who cannot participate live, a recording will be available for 15 days via our Google classroom (see certification policy below). Recordings are only available to watch, and cannot be downloaded.


Certificates are issued the following Monday for all of those who participate live. For participants who watch session recordings, certificates are issued upon completion of a questionnaire/test (which will be available in the session’s Google classroom two weeks after each workshop).


  • Discounts are available for group registrations. For more information and to register as a group, please email me at higor@higorcavalcanteelt.com.
  • To have an exclusive session of any of the workshops above for your teaching staff, please contact me at higor@higorcavalcanteelt.com.

Register here.